What is a Online Consultation

So a lot of you have contacted me asking what is an online Consultation?

Why do I need it? I have been coming to you for years, you know my skin!!!

Yes you have been coming to me for years and having regular treatments, where I am assessing and advising on your skin concerns.

A lot of you were on a skin repair programme with treatments every few weeks...

That is not happening now!

We are all dealing with the unknown...

This is causing a lot of stress which affects our skin. We not going outdoors as much so dealing with indoor heating which dries out our skin. With all these different factors our skin needs some TLC.

So in Answer to What is a Online Consultation? It is so we can advise you on all your skin concerns and advise what to do at home to help while you are not having your regular treatments. We can then help maintain the work we have previously obtained from your regular salon treatment.

We will also be offering online product ordering which will be shipped directly to your door.

To book a Online Consultation, go our booking page on our website

Once we receive the confirmation of your booking. We will send you some consultations forms to fill out, which we ask you to email back before your consultation. We will then send you a invite to join our online consultation from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

I look forward to seeing you all soon xxx


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