Week two since my shoulder operation…

It feels more like month two… I am so struggling with this enforced R & R

You would think being told you have to rest and recover after surgery might not sound so bad. Cosying up on the sofa with nothing but Netflix on the agenda? I can see you all saying “sign me up, I want a bit of that…

So why am I struggling with this? Why am I restless? Is it after having 18 months of lockdown and loss of earning my anxiety has kicked in or is it FOMO (fear of missing out), I mean I am a twin - so feel like this all the time. 😂 Or maybe it's just a person like me who likes to be on the “go go go” . I can’t get my head around the lack of energy, I mean, I am not in pain, I feel like I should be able to be back to normal !

I didn’t realise how much you use your shoulder until you really can’t use it… I thought because I have lived with pain and limited movements for a while now, I would find it easy. But noooooo! The simplest thing is hard, like trying to type this blog, drinking… (tea I mean😜). I won’t even go there with things that are difficult that you don’t want your husband to help with 💩

My wardrobe has consisted of different colour joggers, hoodies, pj’s or as I like to call it "Loungewear’". Something about this phase doesn’t sound so sloppy!🤪 All these items of wear are big, baggy and comfy. Although I have to say I am doing a good job of filling them out!🤪 I think I have consumed by whole body weight twice over, nothing else to do but eat… It’s fortunate I haven’t been able to drive to the shop for more!!😅

I have to say I am rocking the bed hair look… My husband has tried to do my hair but the bed hair look was a better option😂🤣😂🤣

Anyway, stitches come out tomorrow and physio continues. I am doing my daily exercises, and can notice that I have a little more movement everyday. So with this in mind, I will start to get back to the clinic for consultations and product sales and into a routine next week.

I realise I really thrive on routine, so I am starting to go a little crazy ( yes more than normal).😂🤣😂🤣

Bye For now, it nap time, 😴.


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