Of self-isolation due to coronavirus! Feels longer, yet I still haven’t managed to do all the jobs I was planning to do.

I was going to keep on top of the housework, do a spring clean. I think it’s messier now than when I was working full time.

This is mainly due to the boys and Steve being at home and I seem to have lost all motivation to clean and tidy. I will do that tomorrow, I say to myself everyday… Tomorrow never comes…

With them all being home, that brings me to another moan & groan. I have lost my safe space, my lovely blingy dressing room has now become my husband’s office!!!!! ( most of you know how much I love my BLING). I can’t get in to my room, put my face creams on, or do my hair or even get dressed. The other day I had no bra or pants on and an old pair of joggers and t-shirt, hair not brushed, as my husband was in meetings all day and I couldn’t get in to get dressed. I say the other day, the reality is this is nearly every day. (This seems to be my new normal routine).

Its driving me crazy but I can’t complain too much as he is the only one bringing in a wage at the moment.

This brings me to my next moan & groan, suddenly having absolutely no income coming in, is the scariest thing I have ever known. The realisation that I cannot pay any of my bills, the dog insurance, what if they get ill, my pension, my life insurance, the salon insurance, the salon outgoings. This hit me like a ton of bricks and although I have my husband working, his wage will not cover all my outgoings and all the salons outgoings. So after crying a lot and rocking in the corner, I got myself half together and managed to put a pause on my pension, the salon bills and rent. This took some of the worry away. My husband can cover the dog insurances (phew) and most of the little bills that I need to keep going. So really all is good, so why am I still not motived to clean the house!!!!!

My third and most important moan is, I miss seeing all my lovely customers, I miss seeing your faces, hearing about your life, having a natter & giggle with you all. I really miss you... So I need to look on the positive things in this crazy time…

I have a lovely garden so I can always get some fresh air.

I have built some Lego Star Wars with my son Reece. Quality time with a 21 year old. More like competition time, who could finish one first!!

I went out for the first time on Saturday for a bike ride. This is the first proper exercise I have had in two weeks and although I can barely move today it did feel good to get out.

I get to eat meals with all my family.

I am doing online training and learning to do social media. I even have Tik Tok (still not sure what I am doing but at least I have time to find out).

Lots of you have been in contact and even been kind enough to still pay for treatments that you cannot receive. This has blown me away. I always knew I had the best customers but this loyalty and kindness is on a different level and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

I am still here for you, with advice on your skincare or just to have a moan & groan, I am here…

On that note, I am going to sign off now…

Stay Well, Stay Indoors, Stay Safe and most of all STAY IN TOUCH…

Alison xx


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