It has been another amazingly fab week. One with lots of laughter, chitchat and pimple popping .🤪 I have been in my element removing blackheads, milia, skin-tags, warts and lots and lots of hair. I have bloody loved every minute of it, so keep them coming !!!😂😂🤪 Also, I have been amazed at the results I have been seeing from the new AlumierMD peels. I knew that Alumier has a great product range ( that’s why I took it on) but I still get shocked by how good the result are. Seeing you go out happier with glowing skin is very rewarding. If you haven’t tried one of these treatments, I would get booked in. It really is a game changer for any skin concerns you may have.

Oh boy, have I laughed this week. Watching you guys trying to turnover on the couch with the eco disposable towels has had me nearly peeing my pants. 😂🤣 In theory the disposable towels sounded a great idea for the COVID issue but they’re actually turning out not so good.

Having seen you nearly slide off the bed and watch you get wrapped up in the disposable towels, we have decided it might be a good idea to bring your own towels if you have body treatments or facials. If you do wish to bring your own please ensure you bring two bath towels and they’re freshly laundered.

I can’t believe how fast the time is going since I re-opened. I have been so busy with the salon, that the house and garden have been somewhat neglected. So this weekend was spent trying to catch up on the cleaning, washing and gardening. I got a shock by how big and how many tomatoes I had on my tomato plants.

I have been humbled and delighted this week reading your amazing reviews!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write them. They really do help my business grow, so I really appreciate it. Thank you also for the lovely cards, chocolates, flowers and Gin you brought along with you. You really don’t need to bring me gifts but I am so happy you did.😜😘 I do feel very lucky to have such brilliant customers and your continued loyalty & support, especially through these strange times.

Well that’s it for now, short and sweet this week as I am off to finish my Gin, (thanks Andrea) so I can use the gorgeous bottle for my displays with lights in.

Stay safe

Alison xxx


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