Whoop whoop 🎵 🎶 celebrate good times, come on (let’s celebrate)🎵 🎶👏🏼🤪 I am singing this all the time at the moment, trust me , you’ll be glad you can’t hear me. I’m also going around doing the happy dance too!!! Trust me, you don’t want to see that either as I have no rhythm 💃🏼 It has been a bloody amazing week, full of good news and I am on a high. First of all, on Thursday morning came the news that youngest son got the grades he needed to go to Uni of his choice. 👏🏼 With all the uncertainty of the new system and with no exams being taken, it was a massive relief. 😢😃😏 As you can imagine I was elated but then it hit me, my baby boy is leaving home, both boys will be at uni. 😢😏 Empty nest, just me and my husband. 🤔😏😳 But on a positive 😜🤪 the house will stay clean & tidy, no boy (man smell) as I walk up the stairs, no empty toilet rolls collecting dust, I will have plates, cups & glasses without chips in them, 😂😃 I will have food left in the fridge and cupboards, no one shouting mum , “ can I, do you, can you,” all the time . OMG I am not sure I ready for this 😏😒 Another huge positive this week, was the announcement that came from Boris on Thursday night (Thursday is now my lucky day 🤪), we are now allowed to do all facial treatments. 😍👏🏼💃🏼💪 I was so excited and just about to text & call you all when I realised it was a bit late as was nearly 11pm , (the announcement came at 10.30pm ). Best news, best day , best week of this crazy COVID time. BOOM and I am back doing what I love the most, treating all you lovely people. 💕

On another positive note, this week I have had a lot of job satisfaction especially from those who hadn’t waxed through all of COVID, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! You may well have been apologetic for leaving it but I bloody loved it. Wish I had taken before and after photos. As most of you may know, I love blackheads, spots and hair removal . The more you come in with the happier I am , 😂😘 and I know you go home happier. 😘 This is when I love my job the most and I’m even more excited now I can do facials, five months of no facials.

Yes , yes, yes, bring it on. 💪🤪 Go on!!! Get booked in. !!!

I have laughed so much this week, one of the funniest things has been seeing all your COVID tans. Some of you are sporting the best tan lines I have ever seen. This has been hilarious 😂🤣 and has had me chuckling all week. In fact I have been doing a lot of laughing this week with you all. It’s been an incredible fab time with all the positive and happy things. So thank you all for supporting me and booking any treatment just so you can come in. You can book your facial treatments now 😂😘💪👍🏻 . Thank you also for the amazing reviews , please keep them coming , it will help keep my business going.

Well that’s enough of me wittering on for this week, looking forward to seeing you all soon. Get booked in at

JUST a quick reminder, I will be operating out of our temporary location until September.

Alison xxx


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