Hello again. Ok so I may have told a little fib🤥. Telling you I was only going to do the blogs monthly from now, as the salon is back open and I would be seeing you all and ranting on to you in person. I thought you would be fed up with them. Well it appears not, as after seeing you in person this week, ( which has been fantastic) feedback from you is you love them and look forward to the weekly Monday Blogs. Quoting one of my customers “I only see you once a month, so I am missing out on 3 weeks of chatter! You need to keep doing them weekly.” 😜😂

I was also thinking the other day (I know it doesn’t happen often)🤪 but if I carry on doing weekly blogs, I am writing a historical log so in years to come, people will read them and have a normal person's view on lockdown not just governments. (I know you're wondering who the normal person is) 😂🤣, Anyway, I may even turn them into a book 😜🤪😂

So, what’s happened this week??? Well, it has been the best week of lockdown yet (is it still called lockdown🤔). Being able to open the temporary salon has been bloody awesome! I have absolutely loved seeing each and every one of you and hearing your stories of lockdown. Some ok and some not so 😢. What I noticed with you all, and I include me in this, is we are grieving for our old lifestyles. Yes, some of lockdown has been good. We have got back to basics and appreciated the little things but there is also the realisation that life is not going to be normal for a long time. We have adapted and we will adapt and get through this but it has definitely left its emotional scars.

Talking of scars, I have gained a few more on Saturday! I went out for a bike ride and was exploring an area I have not been to before near Southwood. I was enjoying the moment and just loving life with the sun shining, birds tweeting and wind in my hair when I thought I’d add some mud on my face and bramble scratches all over my body. 😏 Yep, I fell off my bike! Not really sure how I managed it but I picked myself up, dusted myself off and tried to put the chain back on. After a few failed attempts and now covered in oil to add to the mud and scratches plus feeling battered and bruised, I had to phone my husband to come and get me. 😂😜

Luckly this time I did have my phone and my reading glasses so could call him! Realising I’m not sure where I was I had to put a tracker on Google maps to locate me 🤪🤣😂

Anyway, my husband and the boys are now trying to get me to wear their full snowboard padding if I go out again as I am so accident prone in lockdown. Luckily the accidents only happen when I am not working and the salon is definitely my safe space.

On that note, I just want to say Thank you to all my customers for making this first week back so bloody amazing. Your support, loyalty and kindness has blown me away. Thank you for the flowers, thank you for buying extra gifts and products from me, thank you for changing your facial treatments to body treatments just so you can still support me by keeping your appointment . Thank you for those still not able to have your treatments (due to the restrictions) but still happy to pay for them so I don’t lose out. These little gestures from you are huge for me and this is what will keep my business going... So Thank you, Thank you, Thank you . You are all awesome and I am lucky to have the best customers. 😘💕

Alison xxx


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