I can’t say my mood is any better than last week, I still feel angry with the world 🤬😔 Lockdown has been full of ups and downs, light and darks for us all... a few weeks ago I fell into the shadows and I was struggling. I needed time out from the world, I was angry at the world. So I took myself off social media, stopped listening to the news and turned inward. This was my way of trying to process everything. On top of this came the sadness and grief of the first anniversary of losing my hero, my rock, my comfort blanket, My Dad...😥😓

Whether it’s my mood or life now, It has been such an odd week! I don’t seem to of had any time to go for a walk or bike ride. I have been so busy getting all the new procedures, protocols and PPE in preparation for seeing you all again. Your safety is paramount and I have taken every step possible to minimise any risk to you and me. I am going to have to work so differently from anything I have known before. I just hope it all starts to feel normal and runs smoothly. This brings me to my next point. I have been working out the salon treatment outgoings and due to the added overheads, I will have to put my prices up. I hate having to do this, as I know some of you have lost your jobs and still need treatments but I really have no choice if I want to keep the business going. Now you can understand why it’s been such an odd week. I have for the first time in thirty years, feared I will lose my business, toyed with the idea of giving up and throwing the towel in !!!! To be able to go to work, know what your earning every week/month and when you’re home your work is finished, is sounding very appealing at the moment. Anyway this is not going to happen, I love my job, love my customers to much to let this virus beat me.

Even with the new protocols and procedures in place I will still make the salon as cosy and welcoming as possible and a sense of humour and a friendly smile will still be waiting for you when you arrive. Well, you may not see the smile through the mask but it will be there, I promise.😊

I got to try out all the PPE equipment when I went to clean my oldest sons bedroom and boy, did I need it!!! What I found in their was terrifying. I think he was trying to find the cure for COVID from the look of what was growing in the empty beer bottles and cups. 🤣😏😉🤢 Four hours later, the room is looking and smelling gorgeous. Let’s see how long it last for!!!

Another odd thing is, I am really excited to go back to work and see you all but also feel a little anxious too. Not really sure why, maybe it’s just because things will be different and as we get older we are not good with change. The hardest thing for me, will be not being able to hug you all😔

I have had lots of calls and messages from you this week. There has been some incredibly sad stories. All of you have suffered and still suffering in one way or another through this difficult time. It’s important to remember it has not been an enforced break for many still working. Although you may not be struggling finically, it’s is taking its toll on you emotionally and physically as you are working twice as hard. My heart goes out to you all struggling with the outcome this virus has had on your lives. 💕

One of my colleagues in my skincare industry, who I look up to and who always seems to have it together, has opened up this week about her struggles with lockdown. Remember, it is OK to not be OK so be kind to yourselves..

But... out of the darkness and shadows comes light, a small glimmer.

Good news… the new uniforms I had to buy in a bigger size are too big. 🤣🤪🤣

My strawberry plants are coming on nicely and producing lovely big tasty strawberries. My cherry trees have cherries on them. (first year I have fruit from them) My roses and garden are looking amazing with lots of colour and amazing scents. My flower wall is looking great after only a few weeks. These small things , my family, my friends, my work are my glimmer of light and make me happy.

On that note, I want to take this opportunity to say, Thank you to you guys who have been supporting me throughout these difficult times. You have all helped by still paying for your monthly treatments, buying products, making me masks, recommending me to your friends, reading, commenting and sharing my posts and blogs and generally staying in contact. You have been my glimmer of light and I can’t wait to be back in the salon, seeing your lovely faces and hearing your voices and laughter. Just think in a year or so, these strange times will be one of our many stories of lockdown. We will forget the pain, struggle and emotions we are feeling now and we will just remember the good times and be wishing to have time off again. 🤪😘💕

Stay Well, Stay Safe and Stay in touch..

Alison xxx


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