Yaaayyyy, it’s that time again! I bet you couldn’t wait to hear the tales and tribulations of my life in lockdown.🤪 Well I won’t disappoint you.🤪🤣

I think I need to get back to work, as my boys are telling me I have a death wish! There doesn’t seem to be a week where I don’t hurt myself in one way or another. This week, I cut my forehead cutting down a branch. It could have been worse as I was up a step ladder but luckily didn’t fall off.😜 I am now left with a cut that the boys are calling my Harry Potter scar🧙‍♂️⚡️and a big bump and bruise on my forehead. What with fracturing my arm by falling off a chair in week two, I think I would be safer being back at work. 🤕😂 I bet this leaves you filled with confidence. Honestly, you will be safe.

If there is a positive about having swelling on my forehead, it’s that my frown lines have disappeared. 😄 Who needs Botox! This is a cheaper option 😂😜 (Just need to work out what treatment category to put it under 🤕😂)

Although, I will not be so glad when the swelling goes down as I will be left with a scar that will look like third frown line.

I have been clearing out the shed and found lots of the boys old toys, chairs, sun loungers and bit & bobs which I left out on the drive free to anyone who wanted them. Was amazed as all of it went really quickly. I was even more amazed and thrilled to get a lovely little thank you note & drawing from the young girls over the road. It was so lovely to know that they appreciate it and took the time to write a thank you note. Was such a lovely gesture, very heart-warming 💖

I have had a few wobbles & tears this week but I think this is due to the fact that I should be in Spain with all my family to say goodbye to my Dad. Funnily enough the day we had planned to scatter his ashes, the rose tree I planted in his memory came into full bloom. 🌺 I am sure that this is sign from him to say its ok that we didn’t get to Spain.

Luckily this week the weather has been beautiful so I have been going on long walks. One longer than I expected as I somehow managed to get lost. I was exhausted, legs hurt, feet hurt but I couldn’t phone Steve to come and get me as had no idea where I was as well as forgetting my reading glasses so I couldn’t see my phone.😂 Anyway, I eventually made it home 3 hours later and no one had even noticed I was missing, apart from the fact that they wondered why dinner was late (nice to be loved and needed). 🤪🤣

Also, met a friend for a lovely walk and natter. That ended up quite a long walk too as we had nine weeks of chit chat to catch up on.😂🤪 This part of lockdown I will really miss, taking the time to appreciate the birds singing, the different smells of the flowers and just seeing nature at its best. Part of me doesn’t want to get back to normal as I won’t have the time to enjoy this. However I still feel guilty about chilling in the garden as my poor husband is upstairs working harder than ever at this odd time. This explains why I keep getting hurt as I am looking for jobs to do, so I feel I am doing my part in lockdown.🤪

I still find it odd that the people still working are busier than ever and must be envious of people that are not working and out enjoying the sunshine. It really is a weird, unfair reality.

I have been doing some work, trying to sort out with the Leisure Centre how we will operate when we, hopefully, open after the 4th July. I have also been getting updates and new policies ready to be put on the website. This is one of the reasons I haven’t opened online booking just yet. I will be sending out an email to update you all as soon as everything has been confirmed and in place. In the meantime if you would like an appointment for July, please email, text or call me and I will book you in.

That’s about it for this week. It’s been lovely hearing from you, I do love getting your messages, keep them coming in. Enjoy the sunshine, stay safe, stay well and please stay in touch. Miss you all and looking forward to hopefully seeing you in July.

Alison xxx


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