Omg! Talk about a week of two halves...

The beginning of the week started so well, sending out & delivering lots of Pamper Kits for this Thursdays “Girls Night In”. It was so lovely to see lots of your lovely faces, even if you did answer the door with headphones on still talking on your conference calls. A few of you asked me to deliver on a certain time of the day to avoid your meetings and so we could have a chat. To know you took time out of your busy day to see and talk, made me so happy 💕 The fact so many of you were so busy shows how hard you’re working and boy, do we appreciate it. Without you guys keeping the economy going we wouldn’t have businesses to go back to. So a massive thank you from the bottom of my heart. 👏🏼💕 Then on Thursday came the announcement; Salons can open from Monday 13th July. Whoop! Whoop! This had me punching the air in excitement and doing my excitement dance. Well, that was short lived as soon after came the restrictions. 😡😞 We cannot do any facial treatments! WT actually F!! This is over 80% of my business. 🤬 Then to top it all, came the

announcement that Leisure centres can’t open until 25th July. 😤 Well, at this point, I am still trying to be positive. At least I have an opening date. As you can imagine, my phone started to go mad with calls and messages flooding in. (I’m not complaining. I actually love that you all wanted to get booked in). Anyway, after replying to all the calls, emails and texts, then rescheduling all the previous booked appointments, I sent out an email with the date we were opening. Pleased with myself that I acted so swiftly to keep you all updated, I start to relax. However, around an hour after sending the email, the Leisure Centre contact me to tell me that they are not opening until 3rd August!! 🤬😡😤 Oh for crying out loud! (that wasn’t my words but can’t write down what actually came out of my mouth). I then had to send out another email to ignore the first and then reschedule all the appointments again. This palaver took all day Friday! It was only at 7pm I realised I was still in my pJ’s, hadn’t brushed my teeth or hair or eaten. What an absolutely crazy day!

After all this frustration, on Saturday I headed out for a long walk. This turned into an impromptu “out out”, taking advantage of an open pub for a pitstop, a pint and sit in the sun. It was so lovely to almost do a normal thing. (Yes, I did moan about pubs opening before me, and yes I am still annoyed but we still need to support all local business, right?)😉🍺

Now the dust has settled, I realise I am actually ok with waiting until the 3rd. Hopefully by then this stupid restriction of not being able to do any facial treatments may have been lifted and I can offer all treatments plus not have to reschedule you all again 🤞🏼

Anyway, I am going to enjoy the next few weeks off, as now that I have a confirmed date, I can stop stressing and relax. As I mentioned, I have my Zoom “Girls Night In” coming up this Thursday (16th) so I’m looking forward to seeing and talking to those who are joining me. For anyone who wants to attend, please DM and I will send you the invite details.

So, that’s it for now. I will keep you all updated of any changes (hopefully it all goes to plan now) and look forward to welcoming you back to the salon from the 3rd Aug.

Online Consultation will still be available and the Online shop is open to get your Pamper Kits for this Thursday so go take a peek…

Alison xxx


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