So this last week has been a good week... So many positives things have happened and I think I have eventually accepted and embraced lockdown.

It started on Monday. I was out on my bike ride and I noticed that I could smell the flowers as I rode past people gardens, so my sense of smell is back. Yayyyyy

I wasn’t so happy about it when I got back home, as I released the house smells of cavemen and dogs. So housework and cleaning is really needed.

Also on my bike ride, I bumped into one of my customers and her husband. It was fab having a good catch up (2 metres apart obviously). Maybe not so good for them, as I was a proper chatterbox (well I haven’t seen any of you for six weeks), so I had a lot to talk about. It made me laugh as I saw them edging away from me, she said it was because she didn’t want me to see her eyebrows that she had done herself. I think it was because I gave them earache, ha-ha. What she didn’t realise is, that I didn’t have my glasses on so couldn’t see them and I was more worried that I had bed head, no makeup on, old gardening shorts and hairy legs….

Tuesday I woke up full of energy, it only lasted for about 10mins, then I just couldn’t get motived. No bike ride, no dog walk, no cleaning, as I had planned, no energy at all. So I decided to just go with the mood and sat and watched killing Eve.(love this programme).

WOW Wednesday. First knock on the door was one of my lovely friends . She had left afternoon tea in a box for us. Lovely scones, clotted cream & Jam. Plus chocolate sauce with sesame breadsticks. OMG was so yummy. As I was tucking into this, another knock at the door and another one of my lovely friends had left me lots of bedding plants and flowers. I was so overwhelmed with their kindness. I really do have the best friends and customers.

Thursday, I don’t know what got into me (might be my sense of smell back) but I cleaned the whole house. Took me hours but it smelt lovely and looked great for about an hour, till the boys made food and left crumbs everywhere!!!!! This act also spurred the boys to clean their bedrooms. This would’ve been a good thing apart from the washing basket was then overflowing, as everything on the floor-drobe went into the washing bin. The top above the dishwasher was then stacked up with dirty cups, plates and glasses and probably contained a COVID-19 cure!! Why they can’t put them in the dishwasher still astounds me!

Anyway, I had a very exciting Thursday Evening with a national PEEL-A-LONG on Zoom and Instagram live with AlumierMD (skincare product range I use in the salon). Over 1500 people have seen me with my headband on and no makeup. Eeerk… Did you tune in and see ? If not you can watch this on Alumiermduk Instagram under NIGHT IN.

This bring me to Friday, another good day. Popped out to collect some local made honey from my friend. Had a lovely chat (again 2 metres apart) and came away with homemade corn beef hash, apple & peach crumble with custard and chocolate brownies. That was dinner sorted, best day ever…

There is light at the end of the tunnel… Apparently schools are going back in June, so I am aiming & hoping to be back in the salon around that time too. On this point, I’ve been busy planning the reopening and how this will affect customers. I will notify customers directly and publish details on the website in the coming weeks

In the meantime online consultations are still available and the online shop is up and running. The leopard print head bands are nearly out of stock, so grabs yours now. - ONLINE SHOP

I miss you all and here’s hoping to see you all very soon. Stay well, stay safe & stay in touch.

Alison xxx


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