What a strange week, It’s gone really fast but I haven’t done much. I stopped listening to the news and stopped social media although I have been doing it for work. I was struggling to deal with the reality of it. Instead I have been doing a jigsaw a customer brought me a couple of years ago. It’s really hard, 1000 piece nearly all the same colour. It has been good for me, as its stopping my mind whirling and making me concentrate. I am determined to finish it so I can say I have achieved something. Even if it takes me two hours to put 10pieces in. (Which it has)😂 I haven’t been out on my bike ride this week, as not sure if I told you this in my previous blogs but I fell off a chair in week two and hurt my lower arm. It is still very swollen and bruised and every time I grip something like a bike handle or garden shears, it’s swells up and is very painful, so I thought it would be better to try and rest it. Hence I haven’t done much this week. ( well that’s my excuse for being lazy and not motivated).

After Boris speech last night, it sounds like I won’t be opening up anytime soon. Its looking like late June early July. I am gutted but totally understand why. Salons cannot operate at a safe 2 metre distance and we are just starting to turn a corner with the virus, so do not want to go backwards and back to square one. We are however still open for online consultations and our online shop is up and running. Please take a peek…

One glimmer of hope for me is the government have brought the date forward for self-employed people like me and I am hoping I may get some help (money) from the end of May instead of the end of June. Having no income coming in, is something I am still struggling with.

A lot of you are still working, some can go in safely and some from home. The funny thing is a few of you are saying the same thing to me, that you are struggling with working and self-motivating when a lot of us have time off in the sunshine. I am envious of all of you that are working and have a routine. We just can’t win!!! So as I said to those of you who I talked to this week, I will try hard to sunbathe and chillax more on your behalf…

This really is a crazy and challenging time for us all, full of emotion, uncertainty and lets be honest bloody scary. I am not thriving right now, I have good days and lots of bad days. One day I wake up motivated the next day I feel so low, I just about manage to get out of bed. I am in awe of all of you that are self-motivated working from home with kids to teach and manage and all of you working for the NHS and key workers. You really are superheroes.

Some of you are saying that you would like to comment on my blogs but can’t figure out how. I will sort this out so it’s easier for you to comment, but you can like it and send me messages and emails, as any feedback is welcome. (This will be my job this week).

One thing positive of lockdown, I have learnt a lot about setting up websites, online shops, blogs and social media.

Lots of you have called and zoomed this week which has been my saving grace. It’s been lovely to see your faces, hear your voices and hear about your life in lockdown. Please keep them coming and stay in contact as I really miss you all. I am still her for you all just to have a chat & giggle with.

I do hope they give us a few weeks’ notice before sending us back into the world as I think we all need time (I need time) to become ourselves again. By “ourselves” I mean lose 10 pounds, cut and colour our hair and get used to not drinking at 11am. On that note, I am going to get a drink (as it gone 11am) and say goodbye for now...

Miss you all so much. Please stay safe, stay alert and stay in touch.


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