Ok, I know I said I was going to do my blogs monthly from now but so much has happened and I have so much to say (moan) about 😂😂😜

It really has been a rollercoaster few weeks but ending on a high when I eventually got to open my temporary salon this week. 

So after the bad news last week from the Leisure Centre, I worked my socks off setting up a temporary safe clinic environment. I had just finished the final touches on Friday morning, sat down to relax when I heard the news from Boris. WTF... I cannot believe he said we still couldn’t do facial treatments. I had a salon booked with facial treatments. I couldn’t contact anyone on Friday as I was just so dumbfounded and speechless (doesn’t happen often 😂)

I really can’t understand this decision. How can the pubs be safer than sanitised salons. Obviously if Boris was named Doris, I would not be in this situation. It is now becoming sexist discrimination, as most of the beauty industry is run by women and used by women. 

I also think, they think visiting a beauty/skin salon is vanity, so not important. This could not be further from the truth! When you have people suffering with acne, ladies with hair issues on their faces, our services are essential to their health, wellbeing and confidence. How can a man get his beard trimmed and receive a facial in the barbers and we can’t help ladies with their facial hair issues and skin concerns !!!! 

If you go on to Ingram and follow Caroline Hirons account, there are a number of barbers carrying out facial treatments on men, not getting caught or fined and feeling so confident that they won’t get caught, they are posting on social media. Whilst this behaviour is going on, the beauty industry is on its knees,  as 80/90%  of their business are facial treatments. 😡🤬🤯

Rants and moans over. On to this week...

Omg I cannot tell you how good this week has been. I feel almost normal ( I know I was never normal ) 😜 and back in the real world again. I didn’t realise how much I was out of sorts until I started working again. 

It has been five months since I worked and I was so nervous with my first few clients. Working in a new temporary salon, working with new PPE equipment, trying to remember all the new procedures and remember all the old ones was a bit of a challenge. But happy to say I have now got the hang of it and it feels just like a normal routine now. 

Seeing all your faces with some amazing fab masks, hearing your voices, wittering on, moaning and laughing with you has been such a lift for me and I loved every minute of it. I loved seeing your reactions to the new temporary salon and hearing all your lovely comments. This has made all my hard work worth it 😘

Some of your stories of lockdown have had me chuckling for hours. One lady was so bored, she sorted out her pegs, putting the good ones and the older ones in a different peg bags. I think she has gone as crazy as me in this weird time 😂🤪 The worrying thing is when I hang my washing out, I understand why she has done it, as I always seem to grab the one dodgy peg out of the bag. 😏🤪 We Seriously need to get back to some kind of normal in this strange time or there is going to be a lot of crazy people out there. 

Thank you for the lovely reviews. For all of those that have visited me this week and those that will be visiting me in the future weeks, could I please ask that you do a Google review for me, saying how you found the salon, cleanness, if you felt the service was safe and how safe you felt  with the new procedures. These reviews will help my business grow and also I will use them to make my case to government to try and lift the restrictions of no facial work put on us. As many of you have said to me, your felt safer in my salon than you would going to a pub and you don’t understand the restrictions on us. If you put this in the reviews it will really help my case. The link for my Google reviews can be found on my website under the review page.  I would be very grateful and would appreciate it massively.

While we cannot do facial treatments, I have come  up with a new treatment to help you with your skincare issues. It’s called the 'DEVINE SELFIE FACIAL' with massage. In this treatment I will provide the products and talk you through a facial procedure. While your mask is on, I will offer you a back massage , foot or hand massage. You will then go home with a tailored made home care kit to carry on your skincare routine . This treatment will be 45mins and will be £55.00

I can also offer lots of body treatments to help you relax and give you some much needed pampering. Pop over to my website to take a peek at what I have to offer.

I look forward to seeing you all in the next few weeks. I will keep you updated on the current situation of salon location ( still no news or contact from the Leisure Centre). Keep your eyes open for our emails with updates. 🤪😏

Bye for now

Alison xxx


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