Well that feeling of happiness and not giving a damn was short lived after Boris’ s announcement on Tuesday. To say I am gutted is an understatement. We were advised to get everything ready, spent a fortune on PPE ( still with no help from the government), only to be let down. We have absolutely no idea when we can open but apparently it is safer to go to the pubs than come into our salons that have always had high hygiene standards. I don’t understand the logic in it at all. Obviously the majority of the government are men that needed a haircut, wanted to watch football and have a pint. They must also be missing their second homes. !!!! Tuesday started so well too with a visit from my gorgeous step daughter who we haven’t seen since lockdown. We were having a lovely socially distanced chat , drink and nibbles in the garden when I put Boris on, I was convinced he would just be confirming that we could open on the 4th , but sadly no.😒 After this announcement on Tuesday a few of my colleagues took the decision to close their businesses as it’s not financially viable for them to carry on with no date given to us. This is a decision I understand as this has crossed my mind too!

Where to go from here, what to do next , I have no idea. I am at breaking point financially and emotionally. 😞 It didn’t help with what I saw on the news on Thursday! I could not believe what I was seeing. What is wrong with these selfish people travelling to the beach. Where was the social distance. You do not want to hear the words that came out of my mouth. I am struggling and being told it’s not safe for us to open but it’s ok for everyone to go to the beach, with no space for safe social distancing. It’s also ok for people to go to pubs, because obviously when they had a few drinks they will still remember to social distance 🤯🤬😡. Is it just me that thinks this is crazy??? It really has been a tough week for all of us in our industry 😞, but I will keep calm and carry on. So the things that have kept me sane this week, has been dropping off some orders locally and getting to see your lovely faces. It really was so lovely to catch up (social distancing) in some of your gorgeous gardens. Thank you so much for ordering products from me and taking the time for chat😘😘

I also went ‘out out’, proper out 😊 on Sunday. Got together with 3 of my amazing friends for an afternoon tea (socially distancing of course) in my friends garden. Omg what an absolute blessing this was to see them, laugh with them, cry with them (we did a lot of this) and have a moan about how unfair and difficult this life is for everyone at the moment. Strange thing is now that I have seen them, I miss them more. Does that make sense? Also to not be able to hug them was so hard. 😔

I did have to giggle at breakfast this morning, I realised that every cup, plate, bowl and glass in my house has a chip in it.. Is this just my house? Now my boys keep telling me I am clumsy, which I am but the only thing I break and chip is me. 😂🤪 So my favourite glass is now broken (yes that may have been from a nice hotel 🤪 but that’s not the point.). My next favourite glass (possibly from a pub) 🤪, has a chip in it. My two favourite cups are also broken . Obviously this is not due to me, don’t want to name any names as don’t want Reece and Callum to feel bad 😂😂🤣 but I think I will be happy when they both go back to Uni. The first thing I will do is box up all the chip plates, bowls, cups and glasses. Buy new ones for Steve and me to use. When they come home will swap them over 😂🤪😂🤪

I have continued to learn new skills this week and have been working hard on my social media, website and Google search. We would love your feedback. Please help & support us by liking our social media post, giving us a review. I know that you have not had treatments lately but if you have visited the salon in the past a review would be great and really help.

So let’s hope for some good news this week, until then take care, stay well and stay in touch

Alison xxx


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