Where to start... This has been a challenging week. Tempers have been frayed and voices have been raised, from all of us. Living with three testosterone fuelled men has definitely been ummm... entertaining. Obviously being the only women in a testosterone household, I AM always right and everything is their faults.

I have on several occasions wished my step daughters lived with me. At least then we could have some girly time, watch some chick flicks, paint each nails and just have some girly chats. Instead I am doing boys things (do not mean to sound sexiest) , playing basketball, watching Spiderman, and boy films, building star wars Lego. Although I am very proud of my walking AT AT star wars mobile, even if Reece does say it designed to be easy so kids can do it. (explains picture above)

Being at home is giving me time to reflect and I find it odd that when I was working full time, all I wanted was some time to do nothing, have no demands and nowhere to go. I was envious of people staying at home and retired people. Now I just want to go back to work and get some structure and meaning back to my day. This strange time must be like being in retirement, as I am chuffed when I achieve one thing a day , may it only be cutting the lawn. Give me any more jobs and I feel stressed and panicky. How am I going to cope going back to work.

Funny how all we have been asked to do, is stay indoors, sit in the garden and not go to work and it seems the hardest thing to do. I am never going to moan again at having too much work. (yeeha right.. like that’s going to happen. As must of you know I love a good moan, I call it therapy).

So I have managed to achieve something this week, I have washed and straighten my hair. First time in three weeks and just as well, as a lot of you lovelies have been video calling me.

This has been an absolutely godsend as I have missed you all so much, so it’s been great to see you and chat to you.

Enough about me, tell me how lockdown has been for you! How are you coping with home schooling? How are finding working from home? Are you finding this time, a good thing to get back to basics or has it been challenging? Get in touch and let me know how your doing. Tell me your funny stories or just have a moan.

You can comment on this blog or email or phone me. I would love to hear from you all.

On that note I just want to thank all of you who have been in contact. It’s been great talking to you and the video calls have been so funny. Thank you also to those of you that have ordered products and those still paying for treatments that you cannot have. This really is a massive help financially and emotionally. Your messages have been so kind and uplifting and I thank you so much.

The Online shop is now up and running and we are still open for online consultation as well as here for you just to have a chat.

If you like these blogs, please feel free to like & comment below...

Stay Safe, Stay well and stay in touch

Alison xxx


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