Therapy time (a good old fashion moan)

What a strange week... 

I have been trying to get into a routine of going to bed no later than 12pm and getting up by 8am. Doing a dog walk , then a bike ride.  I also realised if I need to get dressed , and look almost presentable with my hair styled, my lovely skincare on, I need to get in my dressing room before my husbands first meeting!!!

He has been working long hours, usually 9am to 9pm on most days. Who said people working from home don't work as hard, it is a myth, as he is definitely working harder and longer hours than when he went to London.

I have been really struggling with a low mood. Are you guys the same?🤯

I haven’t been as motivated to do work related things this week, so no emails have gone out. I have however, achieved some house jobs. The highlight of my week was I cleaned the downstairs rugs which I didn’t think where that dirty till I stated cleaning. Took me hours, they look lovely and probably smell nice but I still don’t have my sense of smell and taste back yet. Cleaned upstairs windows inside and out. They looked great until the sun shone and I saw all the smears.

Thank you, to all of you who contacted me this week after my last blog. I started these blogs to keep you all updated and I thought I did it just for you.  But omg it has helped me keep sane (yes I know I wasn’t sane before). The responses I get back from you have kept me laughing, chuckling and kept me going. 😂

I have had some really funny stories. The highlight of one of my customers week, was emptying out 27 coke cans that where out of date...  🤣😂😂

I know this time is difficult for everyone but I am really struggling not seeing all of you. As most of know, I love a good natter,  hearing all about your life, laughing with you. With my husband working all day and most of the evening, I am feeling a little lonely and although I haven’t done much, I am sure I will still have plenty to say when i get back to work!

So be prepared when your back in salon, it might not be as relaxing as usual, as I have five weeks of chat to get out 😂

Just reading this back, I realised how negative it sounds. So lets tell you some positives of my week...

The sun has shone all week.

I have been able to read books in the sun.

I have an amazing tan with some great tan lines:

I have had some amazing bikes rides. We have a lot of gorgeous places around Farnborough.

I have had lots of cuddles from my dogs, some when I have been trying to sunbathe and work.

I am spending quality time with my boys playing basketball and chatting with beers in the sun.

I have had some funny calls and video calls from lots of my lovely customers and family.

Work wise, I have managed to still do some online training, had my first test this week. I felt like a school kid. Still waiting for my results.

Also I have finished the online shop on my website . It is up and running now... go and take a peek. /shop

We have some gorgeous headbands/makeup bands in stock. They are selling out fast. Also we still have a few of the gorgeous satin pillowcases left, for youthful skin. We are selling a facial home care peel kit so you can keep on top of your skin while unable to have your regular salon facial. These are brilliant value .

I going to finish up now but want to say to you all, that I am still here for you all. If your feeling overwhelmed and just need to talk, or you have some funny stories of your time in lockdown please just call me...

Be kind to yourself, look yourself and stay in touch...

Alison xxx



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