Well what can I say apart from it’s been the worst and most stressful week of lockdown. 😳😱😫😤😩🤯

Monday stated so well, went to visit friends in Kent . It was a gorgeous sunny day so we went for a pub lunch and sat outside. There were four of us and it was so lovely to see the girls and have some fun and laughter. Although it was strange at first as we haven’t really done anything and we didn’t have much to say. That didn’t last long as then all the moans and groans of living with our other halves and kids through lockdown came out and you couldn’t shut us up. It was great therapy 😅😜 Then on Tuesday came the call from the Leisure Centre, they are going to delay opening. 😤😠 Why? Apparently it’s for health and safety issues. This I don’t understand as all other Gyms and centres opened last week when they were allowed. They have had months to get ready! So when are they going to open? This they couldn’t answer, other than the very earliest date will be 17th Aug but could be later !!!

I begged could they just open for me as I need to get my business back up and running! They said they would consider it and get back to me! I am still waiting!!! 🤬😡 I can’t even begin to tell you how upset and angry I was. For the first time in lockdown, I just didn’t want to get out of bed. I felt so low and kept crying, I had lost all my fight. I was going to lose my business of nearly 30 years and felt I had no control. 😭😢 After a family meeting, we had a plan. My eldest son is kindly giving up his bedroom so I can turn it into a salon. Phew! I now have just over a week to sort out all his Uni things, find places to store all his belongings, bed, sofa, games , size 12 shoes 😂😫 and get the room turned around into a clinical environment. Sort out all the insurance and business regulations, possibly for only a few weeks before having to do it all again. But at least I am not going to lose my business. So, this weekend was spent going through what he needed to use on a daily basis, then the rest was boxed up to be put somewhere! Not sure where as we already can’t move for his Uni things and my salon stored on the upstairs landing. Well now I have boxes in my bedroom and my husband is working in my dressing room with all my bling and lots of boxes to manoeuvre around. It’s like an assault course walking around our house at the moment . It looks like one of those hoarding TV shows 😂😜 It is going to be worth it though, to be able to start working and earning a wage again. I am so excited to see you all.

So things are going to be a little different for a few weeks. Bookings can still be made as normal through the online booking system. As soon as your booking is confirmed, I will send over the details, the amended procedure and a covid-19 questionnaire that requires completion prior to treatment. Please note that all confirmation, reminders and thank-you emails from the booking system will still have Farnborough Leisure Centres address on them but your treatments will be at the temporary address until further notice.

At the moment, I have had no details as to when we will be back at the Leisure Centre but as soon as I have a date, I will let you all know. I will do everything in my power to keep the business running as normal as possible in this weird time. Any changes to this I will update you by email, so please make sure you keep your eye out for them. That’s it for now, as I need to get back to cleaning and getting the salon ready. Also just a quick note, I will be doing the Blogs monthly from now on as I will be seeing you all soon and be wittering on to you in person. Can’t wait 😄😆


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