A friend needed help to deliver some things to local businesses and key workers, so I offered with the help of my eldest son Reece. Omg I can’t tell you how excited I was to have something to get up for and to go OUT OUT. I know going OUT OUT usually means going for a drink or meal but in lockdown its definition has changed. So going OUT OUT means anywhere other than the supermarket or dog walk. 🤪 I woke up early (well I now class 8am as early), showered, brushed my hair, even put a bra on. 😂🤣 My excitement wasn’t because I was delivering to a Police station and Fire station (yeh right) obviously it was because I had a little job to do... It was at this stage I realised how fat I have got as I went to put my safe jeans on ( by that, I mean when I’m having a fat day, I always fit into them) and I didn’t fit into them !!!!

Oh I tried and even managed to do the button up but I couldn’t breathe and the rolls over the top of them could not be hidden by a baggy top. So after trying lots of outfits on, trying to find something that I can actually fit into. I had no alternative but to put a dress on ... absolutely nothing to do with looking my best to see the police and fire officers. (honestly)😂🤣😂🤣😂 Is it crazy to be this excited about men in uniform when I have a husband that was a Police officer. 👮‍♀️ 🤪

So this brings to me a realisation that I have put a lot of weight on. I was in denial as wearing joggers and baggy shorts for the last few weeks, I still felt ok and sort of slim. I now have to do something about it as I have no money to buy new clothes, so have got to lose some weight. A positive thing about this is, it gives me another job to do, got to eat all the crisps, biscuits and chocolate in the house before I start my diet. 😂🤣

Anyway, back to my good deed. This involved dropping off donations from Innocent drinks to lots of keys workers such as Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, local schools, care homes, Aldershot police station and Farnborough fire station. The fire station was really exciting, (not just because of men in uniform) but as I arrived they had just finished an exercise and all in full kit and breathing gear, (I needed oxygen after seeing them 🤣). We were just about to take a photo when they were called out on a shout. I have never seen people move so fast, new gear put on and in the fire engine driving out the station in less than a minute. I was in awe of them all. As I am with all the Key workers out there. I am also in awe with a lot of you guys, doing your bit to help the key workers such as a few of my lovely customers sewing and making scrubs for the NHS. Well done to you guys. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Times like this I wish I could sew.

I had to try some of the drinks from innocent that I have been delivering and omg it does what it says on the tin (bottle).😅 It’s called a ‘bolt from the blue’ and HELPS GIVE YOU SOME OOMPH... Well it worked for me, giving me lots of oomph, I have been chopping down trees, clearing out the shed, clearing the s*** pile from the top of garden (does anyone else’s have one of these?). Ours is a collection of 10 years of rubbish we have been meaning to clear but just became a To Do thing. I ache like you wouldn’t believe but feel great that I have achieved loads this week.

Just a word of warning about going to the recycling centre, you can only go once a week in lockdown. Luckily for me, one of the men at the dump recognised my car and gave me the heads up before I went in for the second time, (he could of told me before I queued for an hour) 🤨 but at least he warned me as I would’ve got £120 charge sent to my home. They have CCTV in operation and checking the registered addresses of all cars (so couldn’t even take my husband’s car!). It is not advertised very well, a tiny sign just as you’re about to go into the dump and the smallest print on the website.

I am really starting to love doing this blogs, ( not just because I love to talk and whittle on) but because as soon as I post it, the emails and texts came flying in from you guys. This makes me so happy, hearing about your lives in lockdown, knowing you’re all ok, apart from going as mad as me in this crazy time. Please, please keep them coming in. 😘 I have now added a comments box under my blogs so it’s really easy for you to comment on there straight away. As a few of you have said you would like this option. (See I do listen). 😉 Also you can give them star ratings. Obviously 5 stars is best but any feedback is positive, will make me try harder.😂 Monday is now becoming my favourite day, and I actually look forward to getting out of bed so I can crack on with the blog and then wait for your reply’s to come flooding in. Keep them coming, it makes me so happy.

It looks like I won’t be opening until early July now.😔 I will be opening up the online booking system at the end of this week for you to book from second week of July. I have a list of customers who have been asking when they can book in so I will contact you guys this week before I open the online booking. Anyone else want to be added to this list, please send me a message with contact details. Please remember, this July date is all subject to government guidance and may require appointments to be rescheduled. In the meantime we still have online Consultations available and our online shop is up and running. Go take and take a peek..

Going to say bye for now, please stay safe, stay alert and above all stay in contact. I miss you all and can’t wait to see you all again in July. 😘😘😘


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