WEEK NINE... Sorry the blog is a day late. It is because of the Bank Holiday and obviously I needed a day off my busy schedule.😂🤪 To be honest, I didn’t realise it was a holiday until my husband joined me in the garden and that’s unusual for a Monday…

It’s been great to hear from lots of you in the last week. I really do enjoy the calls and messages. It cheers up my day and make me laugh lots.

Afterwards, I sit and giggle thinking over what we talk about. I am still giggling at one customer’s story whose excitement for this week and the best waste of time ever, was breaking up old tea bags (a week’s worth) to put on the garden.😅

Another customer who is desperate for an appointment for several things, one being her drooping eyelid which she thinks might be due to lack of muscle tone as she hasn’t lifted it to put eyeshadow on since lockdown. 😂😅 What have our lives come too 😂😅

The feedback I’ve had from you guys is your loving my blogs and you look forward to them. I also look forward to writing them, which I find odd as I am dyslexic and really struggle to say what I mean in writing. It doesn’t make sense when I write it down. ( I know, you don’t need to say it, I don’t make sense when I am talking either) 😂🤣

This week has been a bit quieter, although I still have a pep in step and a glide in my stride. Think this may be to all the sugar in my body, as I am still eating my way through all the biscuits and chocolates and crisps, so I can start my diet.😂🤪

The weather has been gorgeous so spending lots of time pottering in the garden. I have chopped down a Laurel tree, trimmed hedges, re-potted shrubs and have been thoroughly enjoying myself. My roses are looking stunning and I get excited every morning to see the new blooms. On sunny days I do wonder if I really want to go back to work but then I wouldn’t see you guys.

The highlight of my week was going to the garden centre and B&Q. The queues were ok at both places, only waiting about 10/15mins at each. Saying that, I wouldn’t have minded it being longer at B&Q as I was watching someone trying to put a garden bench into their car. This was great entertainment to the whole of the queue and worth at least £250 if I’d videoed it 😂🤣 They tried every which way but the obvious right way! It was one of those moments when you wanted to offer a hand but couldn’t realistically due to the virus. I’d have lost my space in the queue plus I didn’t think they would appreciate my “back seat driver” input. I haven’t laughed so much in ages! Anyway, I don’t know if they managed it as I reached the front and went in but I was tempted to go to the back of the queue just to see the outcome. 😂🤣

I also managed to get to the cemetery to see my mum. Planted and tidied up mum’s plot. My sister met me there which was great, as I haven’t seen her for over nine weeks. We sat and had a picnic, 2 metres apart on our own picnic blankets. Seems odd to have a picnic in a cemetery but it was strangely comforting. I am sure my mum was with us as a little bird joined us too.🙂

Steve and the boys have been productive this week as well. Reece cut Callum’s and Steve’s hair, and Steve cut Reece’s. Considering they have never done anything like this before, they turned out ok. The bowl worked a treat! I’m now thinking of expanding the business 😂🤪

Also this week, Steve has been complaining about having a blocked ear due to wearing headsets for all the conference calls. So being the loving caring wife that I am, I gave him a Hopi Ear candling treatment. Well the muck (ear wax) that came out of his right ear was unbelievable... Well that was until he did mine!!! I have not had this treatment since I trained in it over 15 years ago and didn’t think I had a problem with my ears. I was wrong ! ( I know!! It doesn’t happen often. Me being wrong that is.😉) He had to do my left ear 3 times as so much came out. For years, I have been telling the boys off for mumbling ( teenager talk). I can hear them now, and realise they talk very clearly 😂😂😂😂

So that’s enough of me whittling on for this week. One good thing for you to look forward to next week, is you only have 6 days till the next blog comes out. 😂

Please remember we still have online consultations available and the online shop is open. Take a look. Enjoying the blogs, please let us know by using the comments box below.

Miss your faces so much, hope to see you in July. Stay well, stay safe and please stay in touch. Alison xxx


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