Lockdown Part 3 - Chapter 2 of 12 - Week Five...

Another week and month over and a little bit closer to hopefully opening up 🤞🏼

I really do miss seeing and treating you all but do have to admit that I am liking having time to do the things I want in the house and going for walks every day. I have never been so organised in my garden in winter before. I have tidying up, cut back and pruned my roses ready for spring. 🌹🌷It amazes me how much I have enjoyed it even in the cold. 🌦🌨

I have also joined up with one of my friends to do a walk marathon by the end of February, so have been out training most days. This has really given me a focus and pep in my step and a glide in my stride 😂😜

I am up to 13miles and feeling that I could go further. So aiming for 14/15 by the end of the week. Although I am feeling fitter and healthier, I actually haven’t lost any of the coronavirus pounds (stone) 😏 that I put on in the first lockdown 😡😩

So with reference to Boris’s speech last week, it looks like it will be more like end of March or later 😫 before we will be able to open again. Although I am gutted, I totally understand why . This time around it seems to be a lot more scarier, with lots of people I know getting covid. So at the moment I am happy to stay home. Please remember that although the salon is closed, I am still here for you all, whether it be for skincare advice or just to have a chat. Always here with a listening


The online shop is still open, for little gifts or skincare. 🛍🧴 If you were on a skincare plan with me before lockdown, we can still keep on top of your skin concerns with home care products, so please just DM.

If your products are running low, again please just Direct Message me as I have a lot of stock at home or I can open an online AlumierMD account for you with my unique code. It has been several months so a few of you will definitely be running low on products. Local delivery free ... it will be me so also gives an excuse to have a social distance chat .

How are you all doing? How have you been coping? What has kept you sane? Have you got any funny lockdown stories? I would love to hear them. Please do keep in touch, stay safe and well.

Bye for now

Alison xxx


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