Lockdown 2021-Week Three

Well apparently we are heading into week three of lockdown... If feels more like 3 months! Is it just me? or does it seem like forever! Although this time, I have managed to achieve some goals and jobs I had on my to do list for the past year! I have been having a massive clear out, the garage now looks empty, I have empty kitchen cupboards, I have empty junk draws (most people have one junk draw, I had several🤪) . I can close my bureau drawer without shoving and pushing bits of paper in 🤣. It feels good, not only do I have space & clear tops, it’s also helped clear my mind too. Still got the shed and loft to go and the skip is full. Best get on with ordering another skip... Don’t get me wrong, I am still struggling with changing moods. My mood changes daily or should I say hourly. Sometimes I feel like I have got this and the next hour, I have no energy, motivate to do anything. So I am doing anything and everything to help lift my mood. When I am doing paperwork, social media and blogs, I have my day light lamp on and my diffuser with peppermint, lemon and grapefruit oils to uplift me. They definitely work. (Take a look at my online shop for a range of diffusers) at I also have my eldest son who has taken on the task to motive me. When he brings my coffee and hot lemon up every morning, he follows it with a question - so mum, what are your plans today? I want to say, stay in bed and sleep as I can’t be bothered, but I don’t . Instead, I think ok what can I do today. He then says - mum, remember when you used to have a notepad with your to do jobs and you crossed them off as you completed them! Do you still do that? As I don’t see your pad lying around anymore. This really does help me, sometimes this annoys me and I want to tell him to pee off, but I know he is right. In fact this makes me so bloody proud of the caring, motivated young man he has become. It’s role reversal 🤔 So sorting out all my paperwork, I found some leaflets from when I was known as A & A Beauty (I know some of you will remember this) even if it was over twenty years ago. This got me thinking 🤔. Marketing my business seemed so much more simple then. You picked a name that got you at the front of the yellow pages. (remember the yellow pages ). This was perfect for me as I first set up my business name at college, working in our business class with my friend Alex. So we came up with Alison & Alex Beauty. So when I set up my own business I kept the name as was the first name to be found. ( so no, it doesn’t mean alcohol anonymous) as a lot of my older customers (oops, I mean customers who have been with me for a very very long time)😂😅 used to say. I also remember them saying this used to cause a problem if someone saw their diary’s as it used to say A&A at 4.30pm 😂😅🤣 Now trying to working out marketing strategies is bloody hard work. Who understands the Algorithm on Instagram? I sure don’t. I try so hard to put up different content, interesting posts only to receive a few likes. I know most of you don’t get to see them as Instagram shows only 10% of our post to our audience. If followers don’t engage, Instagram reduces our reach. So to help us grow and beat the Instagram & Facebook algorithms, can I please ask you to:

1 - Follow us on Instagram & Facebook - search out our pages (@devinebskin - Instagram. @DevineBeautyRooms - Facebook. 2 - Engage with us - If you don’t see our post, search us out (links above) then please like, share, comment and save. This also apply to my blogs, if you enjoy them, please like and comment and share.

If you had a treatment with me in the past and not given us a review, please do so now. You can review through Google, Facebook and directly on our website. It’s really easy to do, all the Links can be found on our website on the review page... This little gesture from you is huge from me so please the more you engage, more followers engage, the more my business grows and keeps going through this tough time. Also every engagement lifts me up and keeps me motivated and I do a little happy dance. Thank you 😘 Please also remember I am still here for you, offering online consultation for any skin concerns, product ordering or any advice you may need . It’s easy to book by using our online booking service at

You can also text or email me...

I am happy to chat anytime ( maybe not always by zoom, as will need to sort out my hair 😂) but seriously I am here for a chat, moan and giggle . Get in contact... I miss seeing you all so much.

Stay safe, stay well and above all stay in contact

Alison xxx


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