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Week??? not sure what week we are on so it's to be Month Six of COVID life.

Ok so I am not so good at getting the blogs out on time any more…

I still have so much to say but no time to write it. So here goes, a quick rundown of the last few weeks.

Busy Busy Busy – Work has been great, it's been amazing seeing you all and catching up on all your news. It almost feels like things are normal when I am at work, even with all the PPE regulations and also feels good to be back in a routine especially now my boys are at Uni.

After putting off a course for the last few months, I eventually put my big girl pants on and got on with it. I had to travel up to London. I have to admit I was nervous about going on the trains and tubes but to be fair it was nowhere near as bad as I thought. It was fairly quiet and an easy journey up to the course.

Now to the course. Well I was anxious and was struggling with imposter syndrome as this was a medical course with Doctors and Nurses. How was I going to be able to compete or even hold my own with such important professional people. What did I have to offer?

Well , again, I surprised myself, I knew what everyone was talking about and even managed to offer a simple uncomplicated way of explaining things. Doctor do use lots of big words and don’t always have the skill to present their knowledge. This is where my strength came out. So all in all, I did good. Passed with flying colours and am now looking forward to the next course. Never too old to learn and knowledge is key to improve and keep on top of my game with updated treatments to keep you lovely people looking and feeling good.

Which brings me on nicely to my next topic of the Blog. SKINCARE…

With the changing season, colder days of autumn and cosy nights you might start to notice changes in your skin. You might feel your skin becoming drier, dehydrated or sensitive. Fear not! Devine Skin is here to help with a few little tweaks and tips to support your skin through the new season.

*Cleansing - If you’re a lover of make-up wipes (eek), you might find your skin slightly more unforgiving in the colder months. Now is the perfect time to switch to cleansing milks, creams and balms. You’ll feel a difference in your skin immediately. Devine Skin Recommendation is AlumierMD Hydraboost Cleanser or Sensi Calm cleanser.

*Toners - Invest in Medical grade toners with natural acids in them. This is the time to make sure you keep up with the acids. Acids are crucial for keeping your skin exfoliated and fresh, ready to accept anything that follows them. Devine Skin recommend AlumierMD Bright & Clear.

*Facial Serums - If you don’t already use one, now is the time to consider investing in a good serum or two. Your skin will thank you for it. Serums target all skin concerns and keep your skin hydrated throughout the day and evening. There are various serums available to suit specific skin types so for the best serum for your skin, talk to me!

*Change your routine times - Take advantage of the darker nights and perhaps getting home earlier and do your routine as soon as you get in from work/school run/college. Get your cosy Pj’s or lounge wear on and start your night care routine by double cleansing, toner (acid), serum/oil application, eye gel and moisturiser. Go about your business, check your skin hourly until you go to bed, and reapply if you feel like your skin is still absorbing. The skin has done most of its repairing work by 11pm, so don’t leave it until 10.30 when you’re going to bed, give it as much time as possible.

*Ramp up Your Hydration- Now is the time to ramp up your hydration – it plays a vital role in skins health, natural barrier and luminosity. Here’s a surprising skin fact!

· Hydration helps the skins natural exfoliation process work its best

· Exfoliation preps skin for optimal hydration

· Hydration & Exfoliation work better together

· Devine Skin recommendations for exfoliation are AlumierMD Lotus scrub, Enzymatic peel, AHA serum and retinols.

*Don’t neglect the all-important eye area – Eye gels & creams provide your delicate eye area all the nourishing hydrating and firming ingredients it deserves.

*Stick with your sunscreen – UVA rays cause damage to your skin 365 days a year, even through glass. Devine Skin recommend AlumierMD Broad spectrum sunscreens.

*After a long day or week! Why not ditch your PPE face mask for another sort of face mask. This is the perfect way to revitalise your skin and help target maskne (acne from wearing your PPE mask), it’s a thing! Devine Skin offer a range of at home masks suitable for all skin types. Contact me for the right mask for your skin.

*PEEL TO REVEAL YOUR GLOW… To give your skin that extra care and attention, book in for AlumierMD Facial Treatment. Facials & peels are a must for skin rejuvenation, helping to improve radiance and luminosity as new layers of skin are revealed. Added Bonus – you get an all important hour of YOU TIME…


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