And just like that... 2021 is almost a wrap

I wish I could have said that this year was a "big" one with "lots of accomplishments"... but honestly I'm just happy to say that I kept it all together in my business and home life and regained some kind of the routine that I lost in 2020 (thanks 'rona!)

Although the last year has been challenging, it has still been rewarding. I made new friends, met some amazing people, attended courses I would not normally have time for and improved lots of customer’s skins whilst watching with pride as their confidence grew. One of my lovely customers calls me her ‘fairy godmother’ and there are a lot of times I feel like this. The transformation I see in people who initially are embarrassed and shy, usually hiding skin problems under thick makeup then after a few months walking with their head held high, full of confidence even makeup free, is amazing.

This makes me so happy and gets me through the harder times of my job.

Another huge positive of 2021 is that it made lounge wear socially acceptable for any occasion…. 🤣😂😅

I hope that 2021 was kind to you and that just like me, you might think that you were just "holding things together", but when you look back you realise that you achieved a lot more than it feels like.

Going forward into 2022… My plans are to roll with the ups and downs and enjoy the ride.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for making my business what it is, Seriously, without you booking appointments, buying products, writing reviews, reading my emails, reading my blogs, and attending my events… I simply wouldn't be where I am. So from the

bottom of my heart - Thank you

I'm truly wishing you all the best for you all in the new year.

Again, thank you so for supporting my business, it means so much.

Bring on 2022 and let’s get you Glowing again.


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