2nd Lockdown

Well I can’t believe we are here again, what a shit storm of a year this has been. So many challenges and stresses to over overcome and no real answers to where it will end.

To close my salon doors yet again has been absolutely heartbreaking but I will do what I have to to try and get us out of this craziness. I am trying to stay positive. Using this time to catch up on my accounts and all my paperwork. Although I still seem to get distracted by other things. Putting up my Christmas tree was obviously priority.  😂🎄 (Well, we need something to be happy about). 

I have a list of things I need & should be getting on with but at the moment no motivation to do them. So I am going to be kind to myself, stop putting pressure on my myself and just go with the flow of my feelings. I am not going to feel guilty for having a lie in. I am not going to feel guilty if I sit and watch a box set all day. I am not going to feel guilty if all I manage in the day is a dog walk. Instead I am going to enjoy all this time to do the little things that make me happy and look at this lockdown as opportunity that we may never get again ( let’s hope so) 😏

I know this is a tough time for everyone, full of emotion and uncertainty and let’s be honest it’s down right scary. I am not a expert on this, I’m not thriving right now, I have good and bad days. There is no right way to deal with this but I do believe the most important thing we can do is please be kind to ourselves.  Everyone’s experience of lockdown will be unique to them and they will cope with it in their own way. Some will need to be productive (not me ) 😉 and some will already be keeping productive as they will still be working, probably harder and longer hours than before.  Some might feel guilty for not having a routine in place and for not having everything in order.(me) 😒 Some may feel frozen and unable to do very much at all. Getting through the day may be tough enough. 

We are all in a time of grief for our old lives,  lost business, lost opportunities and missed times with our loved ones , family and friends. This may hit us at various times of the day, we may become angry, tearful, and have a deep sadness and that ok. It’s ok to be busy, it’s ok to not be busy, it’s ok to feel loss and grief, it’s ok to be sad, angry, scared and anxious. It’s ok just to be how you are right now. This is a unique and testing time for us all so please be kind to yourself, don’t compare your experience with others, it’s ok to not be ok.

Wow that was a bit deep for me 😏 to much time to think 😅😉

So, on to a lighter note...

Although my salon doors are closed, I just wanted to say, I am still here for you all.  While we are in lockdown I will be offering online consultation for all your skin concerns, my online shop is still up and running and we have some fab little unique gifts for those Christmas stockings.  Go on take a peek...

I will also be at the end of the phone it you just want a chat or a moan.  So please be kind to yourself and stay in touch .... I miss you all 😘😘😘


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